Turn it off! - the campaign

Turn it off! is an awareness campaign on the documentary film Ubiquity by director Bregtje van der Haak. How connected do you want to be?

“The question is: how do you stay in charge? It’s hard to be autonomous when the devices are designed to seduce you.” 

The density of digital wireless networks has increased significantly over the past ten years. Wherever there is no coverage, new radio masts are placed.  Powerful Wi-Fi routers have been installed in almost every school. Our use has also increased: 97% of the Dutch population over the age of 12 has access to the internet and uses it regularly via their mobile phones. At the moment, our average screen time is 4 hours, more than a quarter of the time that we are awake. 

With Turn it Off, a project that is connected to the documentary film Ubiquity, we want to press the pause button and redress the imbalance between our online and offline lives. How connected do you actually want to be? You can read our plans below. 


Screenings & Specials


Want to watch the film in Dutch theaters? Turn off your cellphone and enjoy the screening! 
Besides the regular screenings, we are also organizing some special screenings with discussions and events throughout the country. Would you like to organize a screening yourself? Contact us!


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Bring Ubiquity to local theaters, community centers, schools, churches, libraries, universities, clinics, companies and government agencies!

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